Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ski touring in Toubkal massif

The environment of Toubkal Massif
In winter, the massif is covered with snow from November to April. Usually the snow goes down to an altitude of 1000m to 1500m towards January and February depending on the weather circumstances.

The ski touring:
Starting from Refuge Toubkal Les Mouflons (3207 m), the ski tourers can shine all around every day by practicing a favorite summit. The most visited summits near the Refuge are: Toubkal (4167 m), Timzguida(4089 m), Ras Ouanoukrim (4083 m), les Clochetons (4040 m), ...
Early in the season, the snow is often very firm and practical to ski on the most beautiful slopes of the Atlas.

The equipment:
The ski tourer must have a special equipment required to achieve a good sporting performance such as:
- Ski touring with shoes
- Sealskin
- Knives and crampons
- Gaiter, glove and sunglasses
- Flashlight or head torch
- Sleeping bag
- A raincoat or anorak
- A small backpack with personal items like water bottle, small pharmacy, dry fruits, etc.

Food and provisions:
The ski tourer should have provisions for the necessary period of time spent at high altitudes. During the ski touring, picnics are often needed after a such effort. Refuge du Toubkal Les Mouflons provides for ski tourers at (half board) hot meals in the evening and breakfast in the morning. Also, sandwich preparation is provided to facilitate the smooth running of the day.
A shop is available in the Refuge to meet all nutritional needs.

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