Friday, July 29, 2011

Chamharouch : The king of jinns

Sidi (Saint) Chamharouch is a name of the sultan of the jinns (King of Devils). It is located at 2350m altitude halfway on the trail of Imlil to Refuge Toubkal Les Mouflons. It is a group of small shops (boutiques, Maurs caf├ęs, rooms,...) that surround a big white stone (painted white) under which it was built a sort of mausoleum with a so-called tomb of the King of jinns (Chamharouch).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Imlil : The Toubkal mountain unique gate

Ancient home of Ait Mizane tribe, Imlil is a small village in the Moroccan High Atlas. It is located at a distance of 64 km south of Marrakech. By it’s altitude of 1740 metres, Imlil is considered as the center of the Moroccan mountain tourism. In addition, it is a sort of a unique gate to the Toubkal National Park and the world wide popular Jbel Toubkal with it’s altitude of 4167 m the culmination point of the High Atlas as well as the northern Africa.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jbel Toubkal

The Toubkal mountain (Jbel Toubkal) is the highest peak in the Moroccan High Atlas. It is located in the Toubkal National Park with an altitude of 4167 metres at a distance of 63 km of the city of Marrakech. The original name of the mountain is called by Berber people: Adrar n Tubqal.

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