Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jbel Toubkal

The Toubkal mountain (Jbel Toubkal) is the highest peak in the Moroccan High Atlas. It is located in the Toubkal National Park with an altitude of 4167 metres at a distance of 63 km of the city of Marrakech. The original name of the mountain is called by Berber people: Adrar n Tubqal.

The village of Imlil is considered as a sort of unique gate to the Toubkal mountain. At an altitude of 1700 metres, it is the point of all the departures and arrivals of trekkers and hikers to the Toubkal National Park. Moreover, Imlil is where walkers can hire mountain guides, mules and ask for local informations such as the weather conditions, villages and valleys to visit, etc.

The ascent of Toubkal is usually divided into two steps; trekkers borrow the trail that leads to Refuge Toubkal Les Mouflons (3207 metres) where they can take a rest, eat then prepare themselves to the rest of the Toubkal Ascension. It may take two days to get to the Toubkal summit and return to Imlil.

The weather on the Toubkal mountain differs according to the seasons. During summer, the temperature is generally above zero. The mountain is covered by snow and ice during winter, the temperature is of course under zero. Skiing is possible in winter as the depth of the snow is considerable that rocks are totally covered.

Most of Imlil visitors are attempted by the Toubkal ascension. They took it as a big challenge! Many of them fail, but those who succeed to reach the summit returns with unforgettable emotions and memories.

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